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We LOVE Freedom - Especially Freedom of Speech


We created TLBTalk to have a platform and community that celebrates differences. Differences in thoughts, worldviews, experiences and opinions. This is the American dream! Our founding principles were all about the freedom to express yourself as an individual without fear of silencing, retaliation and  persecution.

In todays world of cancel culture, social media jail, data mining and censorship, TLBTalk is a safe haven of freedom loving individuals who embrace difference and cherish freedom. We provide a safe environment by banning illegal activity such as pornography, threats and inappropriate content, but allow and encourage conversation and beliefs to be shared freely!

Try out our platform and see how free is feels to be given back your rights! We are 100% member funded and pride ourselves in taking control of our own rights. We go above and beyond to invest in privacy measures and top notch tech teams. Check us out today!

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